My idea of keeping a blog active.

Well it's been nearly 6 weeks since I last had chance to update the blog so this really is not as active a blog as I would have wanted, but then I am a photographer first and not a writer. I said last time that I wanted to make this blog a bit more personal than it had become and less about work, but the trouble with that is that my work is also my passion and so very hard to separate from my personal side. I think that it will just have to be less corporate than my work blog so if you are easily upset be warned. That said I've nothing to rant about, no crisis on the horizon and my life is going great, I'm even getting time to blog! My biggest challenge is keeping ahead of my paper work and planning to move the business forward. The big job that I will have to start soon is to catalogue all my images, or at least those that my be saleable, around 6000. This task is needed so that I can sell pictures more easily on line and via outlets, at the moment I identify the pictures by titles, which I make up as the mood takes me so its difficult ordering pictures from me and hard for me to keep track of which ones sell, both of which are quite important to running a business. Still time has caught up with me and I need to go and make some Christmas cards, I will leave you with a shot of Rudyard lake that I found while looking for winter pictures.


Anonymous said…
Good luck cataloguing everything! I need to do that too, but keep making up excuses not to...

Beautiful picture, as always. :)
Suburbia said…
Hi Brett

Sorry to bother you...I have a problem!
My daughter has started a photo blog for her GCSE Photography course. Tonight Blogger says she has exceeded her picassa limit and it has refused to upload her pics. Have you ever had this problem? I'm wondering if blogger just has a bug tonight, however I seem to remember years ago you mentioned the problem of space but I notice you didn't go to Wordpress instead.
I can't imagine how my daughter has used her quota anyway, though she always publishes extra large.
Anyway, I just wondered if you might be able to advise?! Her link is
and she also has another blog which is possibly using most of the space.

Hope you don't mind me contacting you about this? My email address is on my profile page if you have time to reply

S :)

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