Monday, April 4, 2011

The Crescent, Buxton

Been a bit busy of late and let my blogging slip a bit, so a bit of an update for you.

Ziggy fine, getting bigger by the day and yesterday sat for his second official portrait. He has also made it down the pub twice this weekend and visited both our mums on Sunday, he has had quite a busy weekend.

The business is going to plan with an exhibition in the final stages of preparation, just the advertising to write and the final prints to be selected. More news on that later this week. I have also secured a stand at a local craft fair in May, so for the first time I will have 2 events running at the same time, luckily I don't need to be at both at the same time. I have also added new pages to my web site Brett, to advertise my wedding photography and portrait work.

As you can see between Ziggy and work there is very little me time at the moment, the only problem with this is that time is flying by so fast, I've already missed winter and if I don't stop and look around spring will be gone as well, there is just not enough hours in the day.

Picture shot a few weeks ago in Buxton, the building is call the crescent and is in the process of being converted in to a top flight hotel and spa. The shot was taken on my 10mm - 20mm and was 5 shots joined together.

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Lisa B said...

great shot and great work on processing and making a panorama.

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