Wednesday, October 19, 2011

X Factor Rhythmix

An X Factor post, not had one of these for quite some time, so what have that evil bunch been up to now. According to numerous site across the web Mr Cowell and his merry men have been trying to bully a children's charity into changing its name so as not to conflict with a girl group who are on the show.

The charity is called Rhythmix, and have helped over 40,000 children since being formed in 1999 by identifying young people in challenging circumstances, and enables those young people to shape and develop projects that respond to their needs. Working with a team of over 50 professional community musicians, Rhythmix is continually developing innovative and exciting new programmes that challenge young people to express their creativity.

More on the story can be found on the BBC, The Mirror and Lucy Cousins blog

In another twist to the story, this has come to my attention.

"After the AWESOME chart victory for Rage Against The Machine lots of us felt that there'd be no need to do another campaign again. Yet this year they have decided to effectively bully a children's charity called RHYTHMIX by refusing to change the name of the tepid girl band and suggesting the charity "get a lawyer"

Well f**k you X Factor...we're not impressed

We're going to download the Nirvana ...classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' to stick the proverbial finger up at you..."

Here's a link to the face book page

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful photo, Brett. And as for the above - grrr, don't get me started!

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