Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy day

Well it's been quite a few days since I last updated, in fact I've just looked and it's been 2 months, how time flies. Life moves on at an incredible pace, loads of work and not much time for anything else at the moment, but still when my work is mainly taking pictures it can't be all bad. A 14 hour day yesterday starting at 6.30 and finishing around 9.00 after talking to a bride and groom, in between I worked on quotes for some jobs, designed a new business card, sold a picture from my exhibition, designed a Christmas card and ordered a load of prints for the up coming shows. After all that was still only 1/2 way down my to do list. On the home front both Caz and Ziggy are well and both are loving the fact that Caz is home most of the time, Ziggy get way more attention from Caz than he does from me. Picture for today is Ziggy at Rudyard lake on a walk a few weeks ago.

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