Friday, August 7, 2009

Scoat fell

It’s sunny so I have spent a good part of the day at various doctors’ surgeries. First was my own doctor for yet another sick note, then it was over to Stoke on Trent to see a doctor employed by the company. Coupled with the regular visits to the osteopath I am get sick of being sick

On the plus side I have cleaned and sorted all my camera kit and learned to use fill in flash, a technique that has escaped my grasp for many years, but which I may need in the coming few weeks.

The photo for today comes from an on going collection of shots, based around our attempts to climb all the Wainwrights in the lake district, this has now been done but I am still missing photos of us at the top of some of them, although this is no bad thing as it means we will just have to go back and do them again. The first of these that I am going to run over the next few post was taken at the top of Scoat fell, and yes they are both dangling their feet over quite a long drop, but what a great spot to eat your lunch.

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menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Amazing pictures. I love the Lake District. Hope you get well soon.

Martin Rye said...

Go do them all again Brett. Be just as good as the first time. Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo. Enjoy the weekend - your pics are outstanding.

Anonymous said...

I didnt recognise it without the knickers! Lovely view!

travelling, but not in love said...

I think I'd be losing my lunch if I had to sit there, not eating it!

If I can make a suggestion, the next post about the wainwrights surely needs a track by Rufus Wainwright himself to accompany, no?

AB said...

Breathtaking scenery

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