Monday, February 22, 2010

Sound and vision

There is a famous scene in the film The Commitments, the hero of the film is lying in the bath day dreaming about being interview regarding the success of his band. How many people out there have do something similar, I known I have, so last Thursday the dream became a reality when I was interviewed by our local radio station.

I had sent out a press realise about the Leek Daily photo exhibition and was expecting nothing more than a quick mention on their “what on” feature, so imagine my surprise (and horror) when they contacted me and asked if I would pop in for an interview on their morning show! I have to admit I was very nervous, I had never been in a radio station before, let alone on air, so sitting in the waiting room listening to the show was like a form of torture. Once in the studio I was immediately put at ease by Mervyn Gamage and Simon Edwards the 2 DJ’s and after a quick chat while a couple of records played, I was on air!!!

Rather than give you a blow by blow account of the interview, why not just listen to it.

The exhibition is now up and running, you can see it live at the Coffee Clique in Leek until the 20th March, or click here to see the images on display.

Photo today is from our trip to Scotland, I thought that as you are hearing me I would post a photo as well. As the exhibition is now up and running I have time to concentrate on some new work and will have time to do some blogging again so I will look forward to visiting some blogs very soon.

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Suburbia said...

Stunning images Brett. Congratulations on all your successes.
S :)

Anonymous said...

Glad things got off to such a positive start, Brett. Fingers crossed. That's a fantastic photo - are you the one on the left (great knees...! :-)

Seriously, well done. Will we be seeing The Red Shoes on here soon?

Anonymous said...

Brett - you're a natural radio star! Just listened to the interview - absolutely brilliant! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Brett! The photos are stunning, and you sound so confident on the radio!

A true professional.

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