Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israeli pirates

A quite ship, on a quiet ocean, its 4am and out of the dark come a swarm of armed men intent on boarding the vessel. The passengers and crew fight a valiant battle to resist the invasion only to leave dead and dying on the decks. But this time it is not off the coast of Somalia but a lot closer to home, in the Med and this time it is not a group of drug crazed pirates but trained commandos from a civilized democratic nation. In fact it can all be explained in one word, Israel.

Yes that wonderful country that covers some of the worlds most holy sites and was born out of the most horrendous tragedy in modern times, is back up to its old tricks of flouting international law and oppressing the free will of anyone who does not agree with them, if this had been Iran, US tanks would already be on their way.

Our leaders need to act now, yes we known that Israel is not totally at fault, it takes 2 to fight, but enough is enough, stop the blockade of Gaza and help the poor people whose only crime is being born in the wrong place.

Photo to day is a tin shack, not in Gaza but from what I see on the news it would not look out of place.

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Suburbia said...

What a fab illustration

Tava Tea said...

This is the first time i have ever read your blog but I'm glad you are feeling free.
I hope you stay free and remember that life is what you make it <3

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