Thursday, August 12, 2010

1000ths post

1000th post across all my blogs, just in case you thought I had forgotten how to count.

I had been looking forward to this moment for quite a long time, but now that it is here it’s a bit of an anti climax, I suppose that following the 500th post it’s just another mile stone to mark the passing of time.

A quick update on the work front following on from this posted earlier this year;

“As some of you will know I have 2 jobs, the photography, mostly a labour of love at the moment, but on the up and working for a local company. While away I was phone by my boss who informed me that my job, currently just 5 mins down the road is being relocated to Stockport, a town somewhere north of here and an hour drive away. To be honest this really was not much of a shock, the company was recently taken over and since then a lot of things have changed, but while this major change is underway I may have to use this blog the vent my frustration at the faceless bureaucrats that feel they have a god given right to upset peoples lives at the drop of a hat (or maybe to extolling their virtues for getting the whole process right, who knows).”

Well just a few days ago we had a meeting to inform us of the events happening in the near future; a very nice lady (who neglected to introduce her self) stood up and gave us the time table for our job move, I had already, like many of my co workers, rejected the wonderful offer of a job in Stockport and now we were told of the next step on our change in career.

Unfortunately the future is big on ideas but short on hard facts, the time table is in months rather than days, for example, you will change job in December, not you will change job on the 1st of December and even that month could not be guaranteed not to change. The time table for training for our new jobs was laid out, but no firm details about the jobs them selves, something that would have been useful.

Now you could call me old fashioned, but when I pick a job I like to study the role, investigate its good and bad points, check its suitability for me and my suitability for it, explore the options and then, if it all looks good, make my application.

The job I am in at the moment meets all of my requirement, most importantly the hours worked and the lack of administration, photography and Dyslexia make for a rather unique set of circumstances that a job has to meet, the photography dictates my time, the dyslexia the type of work I can do.

A new role would have to match these very closely if it was going to be suitable and as yet the indications are that what we are being offered will fall far short of that measure, to the point that I would never had looked at the role in the normal course of events.

The process does allow for a challenge to the suitability of the role offered and that is the long road I have just embarked on. Given the uniqueness of my circumstances I’m not surprised that it has come to this, over the past 13 years my choice of working hours has suited the company very well and now those hours, unique to my department, could well be one of the major problems in finding a comparable job.

The only option I can see, as my job in its current form and location no longer has a future, is redundancy, a real wrench when you have been with a company for so long, but also a chance to make a new start and if nothing else it will give me something to write about on the blog.

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Lisa B said...

it sounds like the changes being hoisted upon you may turn out to be blessings in disguise. Remember to hold on to your dreams through it all :) and good luck :)

DIANA. BRUNA said...

Mi piace questa foto perchè sembra un paesaggio toscano.
Io sono toscana e spesso vedo paesaggi come questo nella mia regione.

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