Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to treat myself.

I’ve just started to invest in some high end photographic equipment, something that I have not done in a long time and so found myself having to research the kit from scratch. Now this is a new experience for me as I used to work in the trade and spent 4 years living and breathing the technical aspect of every bit of kit released, knowing its value, quality and its place in the market. All of a sudden I find that knowledge is 13 years out of date and everything has changed.

The biggest difference that I found was the impact of the internet, not just in the number of places to buy things from, but the number of reviews you could find on each piece of kit, back in the day we just had a couple of photographic magazines and the blurb from the manufacturer (which you could not trust at all).

Selection finally made the big question was where to get it from, EBay, Amazon, a local shop or even from abroad! The selection was as wide as the number of items I had to choose from, vast, and each with its own drawback and positives, I settled on that old decider price and now have loads of new kit to play with.

Picture to day is a fake, there was no water in the scene, I was just playing around with Photoshop to keep my hand in.

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DIANA. BRUNA said...

Bella foto, come un sogno. Complimenti

Tina said...

Hey, that's in my country, Slovenia:) Have you been there?

Brett said...

Just came across your comment on my blog and realised i had not answered it, yes i have been to your country and loved it very much, i found the landscapes fantastic and all the people we met were very friendly.

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