Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Journey starts here.

Making the step to being a full time photographer is a daunting one, I known I can do the photography bit (that's easy), it's all the other stuff that I'm trying to get my head around.


Time management?

Being my own boss (how can I skive off work when I will always known where I am? or worst how can I hide my mistake when I'm always watching!)

Any self employ people out there with any tips on the above, or anything i have missed, I would love to hear them.

Picture today is of the Cat and Fiddle, the highest pub in England and the starting point for one of Carolyn and mines favourite walks.

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Babooshka said...

First tip get an accountant. You will need one, for even the smallest amounts of work. Keep all receipts. If you work from home, you should look into claiming for electricity, materials you use. Get everything related insured.

As for the photography you have been a professional in my eyes since I've come across you. I'll send some stuff FB way now my own stuff is sorted.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Babooshka, you don't need the expense of an accountant if you are a small business in the UK.

Keep ALL receipts for expenditure, be wary of claiming for use of your house (it has complications when you come to selling it), and keep records of every bit of income / expenditure.

I can help out with the tax as I've been submitting self assessments for years now. x

Suburbia said...

So glad you are free of your other job. Being your own boss may mean you don't want to skive! And you'll always do your best because you are working for you

Congratulations by the way :-)

~Marcus K. said...

I wish they had pubs like that where I live.

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