Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Net working

In an attempt to build up my profile I have been logging on to loads of sites that advertise your services for free (a very important point)and find that the closer I come to being a full time photographer, the less time I have to take pictures! I hope that this trend will change once the business is set up fully, as I quite like taking pictures. I have also signed up to Linked in, so if your on there drop by and link up.

Having spent so long on the web looking at other peoples sites and how they market themselves, my own site now looks in need of a rework, just when I thought it was nearly done.

Photo today is from our run up to York, taken somewhere between here and York, very early in the morning.

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1 comment:

Jackie said...

Very beautiful photo. What kind of photography will your business offer? weddings or other?

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