Tuesday, December 21, 2010

365 photo blogs, some help.

"41 today and to mark the occasion I have started this blog. The idea is to post a picture a day up to my 42nd birthday. "

So started this blog, my first blog and my first attempt at a daily photo blog.

When I started I had no idea that there was such a thing as a 365 photo blog, I had seen a few photo blogs but thought that my idea was quite unique, the reason I had not seen many 365 blogs was that I had started blogging in February, by which time the bulk of the latest crop of 365 blogs, started in January, had died.

Ignorance is bliss

So boldly off I went, starting off on the road that so many start but few finish, for me the result was life changing and to help others on the way here are a few tips.

1. Set your rules.

It's your blog so you are in control, for me I posted pictures taken in that year, but did state that if the weather stopped play I would use old shots rather than miss a day. I used this get out only twice, but saved my self a lot of heart ache by already being prepared.

2. Manage your time

For me this took over my life, it is so easy to focus too much on it, give yourself a break. Blogger allows post dated posting, so find time to pre do your weekend post and take that time off.

3. Holidays

I found that pre posting holidays were easier if I linked the pictures together, so a set on local building for example. I also posted a few days extra after the holiday to cover for a late return or other problems.

4. Content

Try to plan what you are going to post, have a number of different ideas and if possible shoot a back up number of images, that you can post if disaster strikes, I photographed the same tree once a month from the same spot, that's 12 picture I did not need to think about.

5. Celebrate

Mark your mile stones, 1 month, 100 posts, 50 followers, what ever it is shout about it, you deserve to make a fuss, not many get very far.

6. Mutual support

Visit other new blogs and support them, they will visit you and support you (well some will).

7. New ideas

365 samey pictures will depress you nearly as fast as they will depress your readers, try to shoot different things, lots of photo blogs have daily themes, like a letter or word, join in and explore photography.

8. Does it matter

If you miss a day does it really matter? Only to you, so it is up to you how you handle it, post 2 the next day or extend the run by a day, as in rule 1 you make the rules.

9. Miracles

Do not happen, do not expect loads of followers and comments on day 1, it took weeks for my first proper comment (i.e. not from a friend or family member) so don't get down hearted, they will come.

10. Don't quit

Don't give up, that is the easy way out and nothing good comes easy. If you work at it you will get rewarded. If you lose heart read other peoples 365 from the start and watch them grow, you too can do it.

I said that it is life changing, for me it was in a very real sense, the confidence it gave me and the skills I picked up along the way have lead to photography becoming my career. It is hard, 365 photos that you are happy for the world to see (and comment on) do not just appear you have to go and get them, but I would always tell some one to do it rather than not.

Todays photo frost on a wall.

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Martin Rye said...

41 and still young. Glad you did the blog and keep at it.

Suburbia said...

Glad it changed your life. Mine has too, strangely.

Merry Christmas to you :-)

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