Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jack frost

A benefit of being my own boss, being able to go out and capture sights like this, wind blown frost on a grass stalk.

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wontletlifedefinemereverb said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's amazing!


Suburbia said...

Wow, amazing!

positive affirmation said...

I listen with love to my body's messages
My body is always working toward optimum health. My body wants to be Whole and Healthy, I cooperate and become healthy, whole and complete.

J. LaRaine said...

That is so beautiful! I had to share it with my middle school students this morning.

Anonymous said...

That is just stunning, Brett! Achingly beautiful. One of Nature's free gifts for us all to see and marvel at, and yet how many of us would even know what that picture was if you hadn't captioned it?

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