Monday, February 14, 2011

44 not out

Well the blog is 3 years old today and I am 44! It seems such a short time ago that I sat here and wrote my first post and posted my first picture, now I feel like I'm on the edge of a whole new world, it's strange to feel so old and young at the same time.

What's also strange is that at a time when work is just starting to come in and I normally have a bit of free time, today, when I should take it easy, I'm rushed off my feet and will probably do a 13 hour day. Not that I'm complaining (much) being my own boss does have it's benefits, being able to blog at work is one of them and getting all my personal emails is another.

On the subject of personal emails, thank you all for the happy birthday messages, via here or facebook or sent direct, working on my own all day it makes me feel part of the human race again.

My gift to you all is this shot from our week in the lakes, it is from Causey Pike and shows the view over looking Keswick, click on the image for a better view. This spot became an instant favourite when we climbed it on our last day, i would love to sit you all there with a big box of cakes and just take in the view.

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Lisa B said...

Happy Birthday, have a great day!

Suburbia said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks a fab place to eat cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brett! Hope you get spoiled rotten! That's a beautiful picture - Bobble must be one of my most favourite places anywhere, anytime. And that route... boy, that route! As picnic stops go (or cake stops) it is unquestionably one of the very best! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !

I love the picture, and will eat a cake or two in your honour today (any excuse for cake!)

Hope you've had a fab day.

Polergirl x

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