Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Ziggy

A short post to introduce the newest member of the Trafford family, Ziggy. Ziggy is an Australian Red Border Collie and a very small bundle of trouble, who at the moment is whining down stairs for my attention so i will have to go.

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gary..b said...

He looks lovely Brett.... daddy's boy or mummy's boy?
He has an impish look in his eye, bet he is a handful

Alexia said...

ohh beautiful. You will have so much fun with him!!

Lisa B said...

He's gorgeous! so now you have to go back to posting daily on this blog with a photo and update on Ziggy!

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful! But boy, does he have a hard act to follow!!!

Suburbia said...

Beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Definitely need regular updates on his antics.


Isunia said...

Cute! :)

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