Monday, July 18, 2011

Little bird

So why so long between post, well I now have lots to fill my time, where as when I started this I only had a part time job and bits of photography to do, in all about 7 hours work a day. Now I have a full time business, 3 blogs, a Twitter a/c, a Facebook page, a Linked in page and still try to do some personal photography on the side, in all about 18 hours a day (on a bad day).
Take today, my plan was to spend all day (8 till 5) on sorting out my web site and the emails that have built up while I was away last week. Instead I have had to re-source wedding albums as my old supplier has gone bump (8 till 11). Ordered flyers that I designed for Caz, after checking all the small print on the companies web site as its the first time I have used them (12.30 till 2). Searched the web for an Artists news letter that offers free public liability insurance after a friend email me for the details (3 till 3.30). Finally got to my old emails and sorted them (3.30 till 5)
There are 2 gaps in all that, 11 till 12 I was sorting out my mums lap top which had the blue screen of death, I then had 1/2 an hours lunch and 2 till 3 I was taking pictures of some baby Black birds just by our window, see below.
In amongst all that I've taken the dog out, answer loads of phone calls, washed up and written this post, a fairly normal day and really I would not change it for the world.

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Suburbia said...

Wow, that's a brilliant pic. Sounds a fab day too :-)

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