Saturday, July 30, 2011

New web site

After months of work and even long taking to decide on the design my new web site is now finish (for now).

I've taken a completely new direction on the style going a way from the black photo gallery feel to a brighter white look. There's a lot more space for information and loads of links always to hand what ever page your on.
As it is a complete change feed back would be welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Bobble! Off to check out your new website - anticipation is high!

Anonymous said...

LIKE the panoramic landscape look of the slideshow (till a portrait pic arrives!)
DISLIKE the serif Times New Roman typeface of 'LATEST NEWS etc" alongside the sans serif (Century Gothic?). The serif just looks dated and clumsy - maybe it's just the typophile in me! Stick to one family of fonts (and use bold, italic, caps etc etc). It looks more uniform.
LIKE the 100% (percentage) spinning graphic while the site loads!
LIKE the wedding 'test drive' offer - that's inspired!
LIKE your narcissism!I love your quote!
And finally - it's just me, but I preferred the black background :-)

Brett said...

Great feed back, all the better that the only thing you don't like is the one thing I had no control over, the latest news is an update using a third party software. I went with the white as it is better for the shots i'm displaying (wedding, portraits)

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