Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September morning

I love this time of year, the cold mornings that, with a bit of luck, turn it to warm sunlit days. September has always been a special month for me, a lot of life defining moments have happened to me at this time of year and the feel of a September morning brings them all back. It's strange how you can feel a change in the air and be linked back over time to events that until then were a distant memory. Still I've lots to do and getting all nostalgic won't pay the bills. Photo today is a HDR of a Tractor taken a few weeks ago.

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Suburbia said...

Just the smell of a fresh September morning gives me that 'back to school' feeling.

Glad all is well with you

Anonymous said...

I also love the start of fall - it always makes me want to make everything ready for winter: stock up on candles, put new winter plants on the balcony and enjoy the cooler weather with some hot chocolate. Or since I visited that distillery last week: with a glass of single malt whisky. :)

- Marjolein

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