Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time management

A very busy few weeks, but now when I get a few spare moments I feel at a loss what to do. The Sunday before last I photographed a wedding so last week was taken up with processing the images, a few days of long hours at the computer. Then this week I design a Christmas card, which has just been delivered and looks great, so again lots of time sent on the computer. Now I have a couple of free days and here I am sat at the computer!

Being self employed is not like I thought it would be, the hard work and long hours I was expecting, but the being unsure what to do next is disconcerting. Its fine when I'm working as that drives me on, but when I'm between jobs I find that there is so much that could be done I don't know where to start. Still writing this has focused my mind and I am now off to get something done.

Here's a resent picture of Ziggy, hasn't he grown!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck for your Photoshoots this weekend, Brett! Hope they go brilliantly! And Ziggy looks ace!!

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