Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

The madness that is Christmas is starting to take hold both at home and at work. At home it manifest its self in a manic spree of cleaning and tiding to get everything sparkling just before we hide it all under a layer of decorations. At work it pays not to sit at your desk too long or risk being covered in tinsel and bubbles. In our house most of the present choosing is done by Caz, with me being given the casting vote, although if I pick the wrong thing I get over ruled. It is all part of the fun trying to get the right thing for everyone, but it’s made so much easier when they have wish list and you know that what ever you get it will be right.

Picture today is an early morning shot taken near Rudyard Lake, the low mist and great light really does not show in most of the pictures I took, but this one was the closest.

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aims said...

Really Brett! What time do you get up????

Suburbia said...

Beautiful :)

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