Wednesday, December 16, 2009

X er size!!!

Yes the dreaded E word has raised its ugly head again, Exercise, I’m not getting any younger and certainly not getting any thinner so it been decided that I must do more of it if I’m to realise my ambition to be the oldest and fittest person on the planet when global warming finally finishes us all off. To complement my swimming, I’m up to ½ a mile now; I am also looking to join a Pilates class! On top of that the new me is cutting down on the beer and trying to eat less!!!

To help me do all this I think I will need a goal to aim for and one of the possibilities is to train up for something. The something I have in mind is the Great North swim, now this is still in the planning stage and I’m not sure I will try it but a 1 mile swim in the open water of Lake Windermere, in September, is certainly looking like a good idea at the moment. If nothing else it will make sure I keep the swimming up and give me at least one weekend in the Lake District next year.

Keeping on the watery theme here is a shot of water rushing over a local weir.

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Anonymous said...

Swimming in Windermere - in September? It will be FREEZING!!! Great idea, but brrrrrrr! I reckon you will need to build up some fat reserves the way polerbears do to keep warm. I prescribe 6 beers and 5 cream scones every day from now until then. For safety purposes of course. . .

Nina P. said...

Great Photo! and Ambitious post! but I agree with Septembers swim... Burrr!! Love and Light, Nina p

Isunia said...

Great photo! You are brilliant!

Marinela said...

Really nice Photo :)

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