Friday, December 18, 2009

Its SOOOOOOOO cold!!

A very quick post today as the rush before Christmas is taking over all my time. The main area of work at the moment is getting a load of shots done for the Leek blog so that I can pre post over the holidays to have some time away from the computer, not that I won’t be able to keep off it for more than a few days! The hardest part about trying to build up a stock of images is that when I get a good one I post it right away (Saturday’s image on the Leek blog being a very good example as I wanted to save it but just could not resist posting it).

Today’s picture is just right as it is freezing out there at the moment. It was taken a few weeks ago up by the Mermaid pool before the sun was up.

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DawnTreader said...

Oh my, you're out and about early. Beautiful shot.

I so agree about the building up a stock of images vs wanting to post right away...

Martin Rye said...

The early bird gets the morning worm. The cold will bring great photos Brett. Just need to go out and take them. Have fun doing that.

Anonymous said...
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