Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice age

Only my second post of the year, I feel like such a slacker, still with all the great snow we have been having I have spent most of my free time out side taking photos. Even as I write it is snowing, but gray and wet so I’m not tempted to go out just yet.

After the last post that was a review of the year I thought I would do one about my plans for this year.

My main aim is to take the photography to the level where it will provide a full time income, a big step in these trying times, but I have all the relevant skills and have quite a large portfolio of images built up over the last 2 years. The first step along the way is my first solo exhibition which is in the planning stage and is set to open on the 20th of February, more on that once the details are confirmed.

The next aim is to get fitter than I am and hopefully lose some weight in the process; I even went to a Pilate’s class on Saturday and yes I was the only man there! Swimming is the other new activity I am trying to master; I’m up to 32 lengths so far and would like to double that to hit the mile mark.

Photo today was taken on Friday on the Roaches close to Leek, I had taken a day off work and spent most of that time walking in the hills and taking photos, it’s not often we get fresh snow and blue skies so it was an opportunity I could not miss.

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Isunia said...

Nice :) An own exhibition! Wow, that sounds really exciting :) Good luck!

Suburbia said...


Lola said...

Happy New Year - I hope you achieve all that you're setting out to do. Getting fit is well worth while, and if you can earn money doing only what you love, you never have to work again!

DawnTreader said...

Good luck to you!

St Jude said...

Make sure you give us plenty of notice of when your exhibition will be. I love the photo, so fresh and clear.

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