Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ridge walk

My life feels very much like the people in the picture must feel, patchy visibility, a fine balancing act and sharp drops all round. I’ve got lots going on at the moment and it seems like a constant balancing act keeping it all going. I did have a photo shoot booked in today but it got cancelled at the last moment, the first time I’ve been glad of that happening as I would have run out of time other wise.

The weather is getting better by the day, so I’m getting out taking more photos, giving me loads to edit and a glut of good images to post on here and the Leek blog, the first time that has happened in months. The exhibition is going great, with 2 weeks still to run I’m already thinking of it as a success, should have done it years ago.

The picture is an old one again from our holiday in Scotland; it shows 2 walkers tackling a ridge high in the Cullens, we had already walk for a couple of hours to get to this point, but did not venture any higher.

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Anonymous said...

TOLD YOU!!!!!!! Well done :-) The first step is always the hardest...

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