Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suprise, but only just.

Another long gap between posts, what a bad Blogger I am! But there is a good reason this time, I’ve been on holiday yet again, this time to sunny Devon, well I say sunny, I’m sure it must see the sun at some point during the year, but most of the time we got cloud and a little rain. Still the changing light gave me the opportunity to get some great shots and a week away is still a week away.

The other reason why I have been a bit scares on the blogging front can now be revealed, over the last few months as well as planning and putting on my first exhibition, I was also planning a surprise birthday party for Carolyn. Now being a typical man, according to Carolyn, I cannot;

1. Keep a secret, especially from her
2. Organises anything more complex than opening a bottle of wine
3. Contact our friends and arrange time together.

Surprise! I managed all 3, but the stress nearly killed me.

My greatest achievement was putting her off the sent by skilfully hiding a menu from a local Mexican at the bottom of a bag of stuff meant for our guests, knowing she would check it out while she inspected the guest room before they arrived (I have to add I made up the room and the bed and she always checks to see I’ve done it right).

The party was a great success and I would like to thank everyone who came, It really was a great night, although I only have a vague memory of the latter ½ of the party thanks to Mr Guinness.

As some of you will know I have 2 jobs, the photography, mostly a labour of love at the moment, but on the up and working for a local company. While away I was phone by my boss who informed me that my job, currently just 5 mins down the road is being relocated to Stockport, a town somewhere north of here and an hour drive away. To be honest this really was not much of a shock, the company was recently taken over and since then a lot of things have changed, but while this major change is underway I may have to use this blog the vent my frustration at the faceless bureaucrats that feel they have a god given right to upset peoples lives at the drop of a hat (or maybe to extolling their virtues for getting the whole process right, who knows).

Photo today is from the holiday, it is of Ilfracombe harbour. Click on the picture for a bigger image.

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Anonymous said...

Lets get it right shall we?

It was Spanish Tapas AND it was sticking out of the top of the bag )its no wonder I have to check you've made the bed properly :-)

BUT thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Great party - thank you for inviting us!

Maybe this is the Universe's way of giving you that kick up the butt you need to do full time photography??? Sometimes it takes a door closing to enable another one to open.

aims said...

Drats! Polergirl was there and I wasn't even invited! Really!

Congrats on your achievement Brett. And - I thought your beautiful pic was another painting. Sigh.

Dan Felstead said...

Brett....a phenomenal image. I do believe this is my favorite of your pics that I have seen...HDR...I would guess.


Suburbia said...

Good to hear your news, sorry about the job front :(

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