Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurovision, what a result!

Eurovision, how good was that! We spent the night at my brothers watching it and cheering every time we got a point. I known the competition is dated and riddled with political voting, but its also light hearted and fun to watch, unlike so much on TV at the moment. Our girl, Jade Ewen, did us proud and I hope that we keep the same format for choosing the contestant next year, but maybe using a more pop music orientated composure. Well done to Norway, a classic Eurovision tune with just the right amount of cheese.

Picture for today was due to go on the Leek blog but I liked the image so much I decided to use it here first, it was taken last year in Rushton Spencer church yard and the processing of it was inspired by this blog, Glimpses through the Mashrabeya, although she does it much better.

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Lisa B said...

Thanks for the link and the compliment, a lovely start to what is weatherwise a very rainy and grey Monday. You know I am a huge fan of your images, this one is no exception, love the composition and it looks like you found some really old and interesting graves. btw our school trips used to go up to Alton Towers, so it's only in recent years that I've visited Stokesay :).

Daisy said...

Wow, amazing, scary photo! So sad I missed Eurovision this year it sounds great.

aims said...

What a great photo Brett! I love it!

Suburbia said...

Love the pic, so clever, but can't bare eurovision I'm afraid!! Heard the winning entry on the radio this morning, how could it have won at all?!!!

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