Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild camping in the Lake District.

Holiday time again, although I’m not complaining. I have just got back from a fantastic week in the Lake District and to celebrate I have decided to post 3 photo’s and a video (I’ve not done the video, but I wish I had!).

To start with this was the first week we have had in the Lakes since completing all the Wainwrights, so we had a whole week with no hills we must climb, but a selection of our favourite hills that we wanted to repeat. The first route that we tackled was the Newlands horseshoe, we started at around 11am on Sunday in Keswick and took the boat to the foot of Catbells, from there it was a low level walk to the foot of Robinson and then up into the hills. After 3 tops we came down to Dalehead tarn at around 5pm where we set up our first ever wild camp! The Sunday evening was wonderful, very still, with not a soul about.

Two views of our camp site at Dalehead tarn.

Monday morning all had changed; we woke to low cloud and snow, such a treat. After getting the tents away we continued over the remaining 2 tops and dropped down to the lake to pick up the boat home, passing a few early risers who were heading up for a day in the hills, expecting to be the first up there, what a great feeling to said we had spent the night up there in the snow. Once in Keswick a full English breakfast and a hot shower and we were good to go again.

Heading back home in the snow.

Later in the week I got to climb my favourite mountain Fleetwith pike, it was my first real fell walk and I enjoyed every second of it on this my second full climb of it.

On the way up we were passed by what can only be described as the best commuter in the world, Mark Weir, owner of the Honister Slate mine. The photo is mine taken as he passed by, the video is off you tube and shows the whole commute.

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menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

The Lake District is the most amazing place. We have spent a holiday there - only just getting into walking now so next time we go we will leave the car and get cracking up a few hills. Your pictures are wonderful and God it must have been cold camping in the snow!

Martin Rye said...

Well done on the first wildcamp. Keep at it :)

Lisa B said...

Great shots! You must both be made of very stern stuff to be able to camp in the snow! :) :)

francescbb@hotmail.es said...

Great shots, beatiful place!!! congratulations!!!



Suburbia said...

What an amazing place to camp?!

Anonymous said...

This one time, at wild camp... :-) What a FABULOUS experience - thank you all for making it happen. Now, where next...? :-)

Kendal Self-Catering said...

Great photos and write-up - thank you for sharing.

Was that a wise place to pitch your tents, by the way? It looks like there was the potential for falling rocks...

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