Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honi trap

Well as I said in the last post I’m back after a week in the Lake District, a week that gave us some very mixed weather and some very great walks. Since we both completed the Wainwrights last year I was worried that the motivation to drag my self up these mountains would wane, far from it, now that we are walking just for fun I find that it has opened up a whole new world and last Fridays walk was a great example of that.

We started at Haweswater Reservoir and headed up Riggindale Ridge, the picture was taken at the top of the Ridge looking back along our route up, we then headed to our first top of the day High Street which at 828 meters is the highest top in that area. From this lofty vantage point we could reach 7 other fell tops with very little effort, which we proceeded to do over the next 5 hours, it was great fun bimbling along at high level with nothing to do but have fun.

As we had already done all these tops and were familiar with the whole area, there was none of the worries that came with unknown ground, our route up although steep and edgy in places was well within our comfort zone and was chosen just for its spectacular views and not through any need to just get to some where, the rest of the day followed that pattern as we revisited old friends and took in the views from each top, knowing that we could call it a day at any time and easily walk back down to the car by any number of routes.

But all good things come to an end and with the sun starting to set we made are way back down by Kidsty Pike, the next ridge along from the one we came up, but only after we brewed up some coffee and drank it with a large glug of Baileys.

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Anonymous said...

I am, of course, totally speechless :-) and envious!

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