Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm crap!

I’m crap, I have great difficulty in organising my time, I’m messy, I forget to do things and I get easily distracted. For example, I had an e mail from one of Caz’s friends, I was really touched and determined to reply, that was 6 months ago and I’m still determined to reply! The desks I’m sat at is a mess, it’s covered with notes, photos, computer bits and camera equipment, I have about 3 inches to move the mouse in ( I’ve not seen my electronic pen and tablet in months). I have loads of up grades I have to do on the web site and cannot get the time to finish them off, even though most of the work has been done. Too top it all I am just about to start building a new computer, the whole process should take only a couple of hours to do, but then getting all the programs on and everything working as I want could take days and during that time I will be without a computer, at least I won’t get distracted.

On a more positive note I’ve finished, all bar a little polish, the wedding album, this was helped by the fact that Caz was away during the weekend and I could spend the whole time working.

Talking of work I have just submitted my appeal against the change of role, it took me 3 weeks to write with lots of help and feed back from lots of people, I think that its is the best I could have done, although it’s a bit ironic that I’m having to say a job is not suitable because of my dyslexia, in writing, when that is one of the things that causes me a problem. I’ve been told it will take a few weeks to get an answer, so fingers crossed.

Looking to the future, a difficult thing when so much hangs in the balance, I have a number of photo projects in mind, I still find taking pictures a challenge and keep having ideas of things to shoot, again its just a matter of finding the time and remembering to do them. If and when I go full time I have around 6 months worth of projects even before I start doing paid work of anyone else.

The photo today is of the Causeway heading to Lindisfarne in Northumberland, the poles show the direct route on foot, with one of the shelters where you can escape the tide if it all goes wrong. We walked over by the road, this again get cut by the sea twice a day, making for an interesting and quick walk over the 5 miles.

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Anonymous said...

you're not crap - you just need to organise your crap - that's all!

Caro xx

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