Saturday, September 25, 2010

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A top photo of Kidsty pike, the ridge behind is our route up from the last post, this was taken at the end of that day as we started our journey down.

Computers aren’t they just the best fun, especially when all your work depends on them and at the most crucial moment they decide to develop a phobia about switching on, as mine has started to do. It can take up to 10 tries before it finally comes to life and after googling the symptoms it appears that something major is wrong, which I had already guessed, the solution, build a new one.

Now the computer I’m using at the moment was one I built over 4 years ago and up to the passed few days has never been that much of a pain, so I’m not too concerned about building another one, a part from the cost, but a lot has changed in the intervening years and so I have had to re educate myself on the latest technology and kit.

This re-education is a real pain as much of what is written is based on the fact that you already known what all the long words mean, e.g. AM3AMD870DDR3ATX !!! Now there is a lot of good information out there and some very good web stores to buy from, it is just the hours it takes to compare and collate it all, as each bit needs to work with all the others and fit in the case. Once the identifying of the components is done it is then the task of finding them at a good price, the stage I have reached at the moment. When that has been finished it is the big step of out with the credit card and committing to it all! Then I will just need to find 2 or 3 quite days in which to build the monster and as I’m using bits out of my old machine I won’t have the internet to hold my hand.

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great day - great piece of music

missing you


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