Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't drink the water

A while ago I was offered the chance to test a new piece of walking gear, one that it was claimed would save me money, keep me safe and help save the planet, while still be small enough to carry in my rucksack. Well now I’ve had time to play with it I can at least confirm 3 of the 4 claims.

The product in question is the Aqua Safe Filter Straw, a plastic tube not much thicker than an AA battery and just a bit longer than a DVD case. This light weight marvel can filter 500 litres of water, equivalent of 2,000 250mls bottles, saving loads of money on bottle water while on trips and saving the need to manufacture said bottle, there by cutting down on the estimated 100 grams of carbon gas is created with each bottle manufactured.

Now I can confirm that it will save me money, one strew costs way less than 500 litres of bottled water, I can confirm it will keep me safe, I drank the water and am still here, and I can confirm it fits in the rucksack, a lot better than 500 litres of water ever would. Now for the saving the planet bit I will have to trust the manufactures, but they were right about the rest.

My use for this item is quite straight forward, it has no best before date and is expected to deal with 500 litres before failing, so for me this is going to sit in my rucksack as part of my survival kit, as running out of water is one of the biggest dangers I am likely to face. It’s very easy to carry extra food and clothes but water is very heavy and I always tend to carry too little rather than too much.
Over all this is a great product and will always be part of my standard kit from now on.

With all this talk of water I think we need a boat, this was taken last week at Derwent water, it was sunset and there were quite a few photographers trying to capture the same image, so I thought I would try for something different.

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Suburbia said...

Love your photo :)

Babooshka said...

I feel like I have been blinded by science with all the water talk. I'll stick to what I know and compliment you on a very soothing image.

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