Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free competition, £30 prize

The saying goes that “There's a book inside all of us”, well here is a chance to let your book out. The wonderful people over at Blurb have given me 3 vouchers worth £30 off a Blurb book and to be in with a chance at winning here is what you need to do.

First you need to be a follower of this blog (just click follow on the link, near the bottom, on the right hand side of the blog). Then you need to nominate a blog for the blog of the week, so just a quick comment pointing me at a blog you think deserves highlighting. If I feature the blog (only the first 3 blog featured will get the nominator a voucher, as I only have 3 to give away) I will then contact you for detail so we can get the voucher out to you.

This voucher, for example will get you a 8”x10” hard backed photo book with up to 200 pages , lots of space for you photos, memories and words, all printed to a very high standard and finished with a real eye for quality. Here’s a link to Blurb so you can see for yourself.

So get nominating as there is no limit to the number of blogs you can nominate, you can even name your own blog!

Picture today is my first attempt at water drop photography.

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Babooshka said...

Trust me to be first.

This is the blog I'd like to nominate.

Virtua Gallery

Klaus is just the most gifted nature photographer. I truly run out of adjectives to describe his astonishing and exceptional work. Again it's a blog that gains little recognition unless it's a theme day. Everyone should view his blog and be prepared to me amazed at this unassuming guys work. He truly deserves it.

As for you, first attempt is as always sensational. You have far more patience than I do to capture such knockout work.

lucy said...

You are amazing! Here is my entry

Spirit of the River

Photography is wonderful...writing is heartfelt and riveting.

Suburbia said...

Gosh, that's a first attempt?!!

aims said...

Love the waterdrop Brett! I'm off to think about it for a bit - - -

Anonymous said...

Stunning photo! How did you do that?

I would like to nominate for always making me smile.

joanne May said...
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mkreider said...

You have a wonderful blog... the photography is amazing! I really liked the photo of the body of water in Scotland.

Anonymous said...
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mrsb said...

First off, that is most insane photo ever! I can't believe it's your first time using that technique!

And I'd like to nominate:

Myself! aka Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

I think I have a pretty nifty blog. Yes, it's a "mom" blog, but it's a pagan mom blog, full of photos, recipes, stories, art journaling, contests and, strangely my most popular section: "Where the Hell Is Tanner?".

Dee said...

You have a neat blog- I'm glad I happened across it

aims said...

Okay Brett - I've come up with 3 for you.

Question - can I give my voucher to another if I wish?

Blog #1 - Crystal Jigsaw. Her tales of life on her farm and living in a haunted farmhouse often make my hair stand on end. She's a newbie photographer and watching her development has been very interesting. I especially love her stories of the sheep and now the new pups.

Blog #2 - Out and About in New York City. Daryl gives us daily photos of the fabulous city of New York City where she lives and works. Her blog started out as scenes from the bus - the M104 - and has progressed from there. A daily read for me.

Blog #3 - A Tidings of Magpies.
I love the poetry and views of the world and its inhabitants that come from this blog. Definitely worth a look Brett.

There you go - my job today is done!

aims said...

Drats - I don't know what I was (not)thinking!

My first read of every single day is Rachel over at When The Dogs Bite.

Rachel's stitched photography is so interesting and I love her poems and Haiku.

I really do start all of my blog days by visiting her first.

Anonymous said...

Here's me thanking Aims for nominating me and I thought, her blog is one of the best I've read so I would like to nominate hers. She's opened many people's eyes with her life stories and shown an incredible amount of bravery throughout. Her wonderful blog was one of the first I ever read and will always be one I will read religiously.

Thanks, CJ xx

joanne May said...

Hi Brett,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your details.
I would like to nominate. My blog. I had originally chosen 2 other sites as well but decided that they might not want to be nominated!

My Blogspot is:-

Joanne May Illustration.
My site has Children's illustrations, photos and writing about items that inspire me as an artist.

By the way you have a nice blogspot too! :)
Many thanks. Jo.

JennyMac said...

What a great giveaway. I LOVE that photo. And shall return if I have a proper nomination. Unless, like Mrs. B, you allow self noms and by all means, add me to the mix:

Bran da flake said...

My nominations are:

Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder:

and My Parents Joined Facebook:

Both blogs give me a good laugh daily.

Martin Rye said...

A focus in the wild Brett. Check it out at.

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