Friday, July 3, 2009

Must fly.

Very short post today as my back is still playing up and sitting down is not the best thing for me right now.
Thank you all for your kind words about Kep, he is much better but still not able to do the stairs so I’m still on my own at the computer.
Photo today was taken in our garden, it’s a Hover fly and quite a small one at that. Close up photography is one of my favourite types and I have managed to do a bit during the week so I will post more soon.

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Suburbia said...

Wow, so beautiful:)

the eternal worrier said...

Your photography never fails to amaze me. That’s yet another fantastic shot.

aims said...

Having been wondering how Kep is. Always hold my breath when I come here....

Fantastic macro work Brett!

Really really hope your back eases up. I can commiserate with you on that!

Anonymous said...
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