Friday, July 10, 2009

Who am i?

Again just a quick post as my back is still playing up.

How do you quantify fame?

I ask this because my doctor asked me if I was famous and I told him that I did not think so and asked him why? The answer is that he was reading the local paper and inside was a quiz and along side a photo of me was the question “do you know who this is?” (Top marks for all those that answer Brad Pitt). So am I famous, I might just be a little bit!

Photo is another from the close ups taken last week.

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Kasia said...

Blogging makes all of us more or less famous - apparently I was relatively famous amongst Polish community in Scotland because of my blog... You're two steps further - don't papers create celebrities? ;)

Suburbia said...


Your back is still bad? I hope you have good painkillers.

lucy said...

I have been off the radar for awhile and am just now catching up. Heart in throat over Kep but glad to see he is making a recovery. And now you! It is time to get off the roller coaster my friend. I am hoping life takes a turn for the healthy for you and Kep soon.

Another question: Brett can you fill me in on Polergirl? She has just disappeared and I am concerned. I feel like she was a friend and I miss her.

Anonymous said...

Polergirl is back! Thanks for your concern Lucy, and soz for the sudden departure, but this time I'm here for the duration.

Uma Barzy said...

I am very glad that have found your blog. Fine and surprising! Thanks!

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