Friday, October 30, 2009

The Daemon drink

I work part time in a large office, I share this space with around 80 other people and on the whole they are amongst the brightest people I have ever worked with, until they mix with alcohol.

Now in their defence I must start by saying most of them are quite young (at their age I would have never held such a responsible job, in fact I’m surprised I do now) and given that life is short who can blame them for going out and having a good time, but there is a price to pay for all that fun and the next morning when you have to face you workmates is when you pay it.

Take Mr X, a man used to spending late nights in the arms of a pretty girl, but when that girl works in the same office, regardless of how desirable she is, he just knows he will have to face a day of comments befitting of the best carry on films and also know’s it will only stop when someone else succumbs to the daemon drink and over shadows his latest exploits.

This relentless cycle of drink and regret serves only to provide entertainment to those of us old enough not to be able to go out and do the same, but what fun it is to sit back and watch it all. Today, what promised to be a long and boring shift turn into one of the most amusing days I have had in years and all thanks to Mr X and the long memories of his work mates who remembered just how much stick he had given them in the past.

Picture today other HDR shot of the great ridge taken early this year.

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Lola said...

I really like this HDR thing, wish I could do it!

Nina P. said...

Great photo! This technique almost looks 3-D! ...As for your party office workers... oh to remember when... Lights and noises... oh no!! and lots and lots of Coffee!!! Love and Light, Nina P

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