Friday, November 20, 2009

Bees to honey

Today a shot taken during our very short summer, I’d gone out just to photograph this patch of wild flowers that had been planted on waste ground near my local pub and as I was composing a shot this Bee just happened to fly by. One of those great little moment’s that happen far too infrequently, but are all the better for their rarity.

Still on the subject of Bees, like Bees around honey is a very good description of some of the young lads at work when they realised that one of the more eligible girls was newly single. It’s great fun looking on from outside at how cool they are trying to be, while to every one else it so obvious what’s going on, it makes me cringe to think just how bad I looked back in the day as I’m sure I was no where as confident as the lads are today.

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Jessica said...


St Jude said...

Oh I love bumble bees and that photo is so crisp and lovely.

Nina P. said...

Stinging ... Oh I mean stunning photo! and Bees of any kind do love their honey! Love and Light, Nina P

Dan Felstead said...

Beautiful Brett...the flower looks like one of those paper flowers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, vivid colours beautifully captured!

Laura Hegfield said...

Lovely photo! Glad I stopped by. I miss summer so much now!

Heather said...

Look at the fuzzies on that bumble bee, OH, and the colors all together - this is precious and beautiful intertwined :)

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