Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a blank page!!!

I write my blog posts on a word document and then copy and past them over to the Blogger page; I do this because with my dyslexia it helps to see the words in a familiar style and word also helps with the spelling and layout much better than Blogger. Each time I sit down to write a post I still feel intimidated by the blank page, even though the document now runs to 153 pages and 95,500 words, more often recently I also find I struggle to get across what I want to say, again intimidated by having to fill a page.

One of the things that keeps me going is the great posts written by the many bloggers I read, although I sometimes spend too long reading them and end up having no time to do my own, so it comes as a shock when one you love vanishes from the world. Take ‘won’t let life define me’ I loved this blog but all of a sudden I can not get to see it, I known that its not the first to go and it won’t be the last, but it still feels like losing an old friend without having had time to say good bye.

I must admit that when I reached day 366 I was tempted to finish the blog, it is a big commitment to keep posting and photographing, but on the plus side it does keep me writing and taking pictures and practice in both is never time wasted. Also with out the blog I would not have experimented with my picture to the extent that I have done, after 20 years of taking pictures my range of skills have increased more in the last 18 month than ever before. Today’s picture is testimony to that, it’s a shot taken last winter for this blog, but it never made the cut until I HDR’ed it earlier this week and fell in love with it. The shot is of the Great ridge in the Peak district.

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Suburbia said...

wow, love the look and the colours :)

Andy said...

Great picture - and a great post as always. Your blog is a massive source of inspiration for me photographically...please keep it up :)

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