Wednesday, November 25, 2009


No blog of the week this week as I missed Mondays post, due to the fact I was having such a good time away from my computer living it up in the big city, Manchester to be precise, getting all the Christmas shopping done.

In fact the whole weekend has been a break from the normal, although not as much fun as Monday, with 4 whole days off work we were able to do just what we wanted and on Sunday I came up with the great idea to decorate the kitchen.

What was I thinking, I thought we could do the whole thing in a day, wrong, I still have loads to do and the weekend is a distant memory, still it will look good once it is finished.

Manchester was great, we got the train from Macclesfield and by 10 am we were in the centre of the city with the whole day to our selves. The plan was to shop, grab a good meal at lunch time, see the Christmas market and have a ride on the big wheel and unusually for me it all worked out wonderfully, we even missed getting soaked by the heavy rain.. Caz got most of the things she was looking for and I came away with 2 new books and more importantly an idea what she wants for Christmas.

To finish off the day is style we stopped off at our favourite Mexican restaurant in Macclesfield El Rio’s where the food and welcome was as good as ever.

Picture today is one of a set taken around the site of Leeks newest supermarket, at the moment it is still an industrial estate but soon work will start to remove the old buildings to build houses and the supermarket. This building is to remain though, it a water mill built by James Brindley in 1752. If you could look right through this building you would be looking at the spot the poppy photo was taken from the last post.

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