Monday, November 30, 2009

Blog of the week - Eating Olives with My Dog

The Blog of the week this week will either be a classic that will run and run, or a flop that peters out after only a few short posts, I think that it will be the former and one day you might even see a book of the blog! So for a chance to be in almost at the start pop over to Eating Olives with My Dog, sounds like a great title for a book, and catch up with what I hope will be the start of a great adventure and a great blog.

My blog posts of late have been rather short and sometimes nearly none existent and I think its time for an explanation. I work part time and in April went off sick with an injured shoulder and neck, about the only thing it stopped me doing was using a PC for any length of time (blog post at this time were written over a large number of hours and even days), but by September I was well on the mend and started back to work. While off work I had made the momentous decision to become a full time photographer at some point in the near future and had started to raise my profile and try to get some paid work, this was all going great until I started back to my old job when time started to become a factor in all that I did. Although my heart lies with the photographer, my head likes the regular income from the part time job and things started to be put on the back burner, both blogs have taken the brunt of the cuts as you will know just how time consuming they can be.

Normally this would be fine as I have managed to do the blogs for nearly 2 years and hold down the job, but add in the attempts to get photographic work and it had all become a bit much and life has started to slip a bit. Now this could be a good point to say that I was going to quit blogging and to be honest I have just sat here for a while thinking that I had written a fine ending to the blog without realising it, but I would miss it too much, getting comments, reading blogs and posting pictures all have become such a part of my life I could not imagine going on without them. So I will try to be a better Blogger and if anyone needs a photographer you know where I am.

Photo today is of the colours of autumn that we had here just a few weeks ago.

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Suburbia said...

You are so talented Brett, I really hope you get some good paid photographic work.

Glad you are not giving up blogging.

Lori E said...

I have gone back through my list of followers on my blog and from what I can tell you were my first one. Blogging does get under your skin doesn't it. I think it is such a personal part of us.
You are a super photographer.

Anonymous said...

You ARE a photographer, no doubt about it.

Sometimes they say that you have to clear one element of your life out, to make room for a new one.

The steady income may be good, but will you ever be able to focus on becoming a full time photographer while your time is taken up doing a job you dislike just to earn regular money? Making the break will give you the drive to earn the income by doing what you love to do. Life is too short, and you only get one shot at it.

St Jude said...

Trust me Brett, once a blogger always a blogger, I left for a year when things got too hectic for me, but I had to come back to it as soon as I was free to.

You just have to keep plugging at the photography thing, it will happen it just takes time.

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