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The White feather

Had a bit of a change last week at my other job and spent the week working in an other department, it’s strange how you get used to doing one thing all day but very quickly learn a new skill and way of doing things. My normal role involves sitting down and working on a PC, the new one is mostly stood up and walking around and quite physical, the normal one is very mind intensive, while the other is more manual. So by the end of the week I was feeling the strain in my legs and the easing of pressure in my head, quite a good trade I thought. The other out come of the last week is that my preconceived ideas about that department were proved totally wrong, I was expecting that the more manual job would not attract people of the intelligence that I have been used to working with, but I was very wrong, although the job is manual the staff are well educated and smart, they work hard and take a pride that even the most boring task is done right. I have also seen other areas of the business at

Blue ice

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still around as it has been nearly a week since the last one. Spent most of this week working on images for the Leek blog and up dating the web site (no changes on there yet, it will all happen in one big rush). I’ve updated my sales page as it is held on a different site; it only had a small number of images on there and really needed to be dealt with. To day the shot is of Ice, of which we have seen loads over the past few weeks, this shot I took down in Peterborough while away for a few days. ---------------- Now playing: The Ruts - Babylon's Burning via FoxyTunes

Free Japanese porn. (i might as well get some visitors out of them)

I hate spam comments; in fact I nearly hate them more than word verification, but only nearly. I seem to have attracted interest from a number of spammers who use comments to advertise some very dubious Japanese porn sites, well from now on all spam comments will be deleted as soon as I see them so you are just wasting your time all you spammers out there. As for real comments, I love them! I’ve started to re-work my web site, a project the could take weeks, the current site was set up in a rush after my old provider ended their free service and while it looks ok it could be a lot better, so if you known of any good sites that I can use for inspiration let me known. Picture today is from the walk last week, having loads of time to take shots it gave me the opportunity to get creative. ---------------- Now playing: Mark Ronson Ft. Robbie Williams - The Only One I Know via FoxyTunes

Ice age

Only my second post of the year, I feel like such a slacker, still with all the great snow we have been having I have spent most of my free time out side taking photos. Even as I write it is snowing, but gray and wet so I’m not tempted to go out just yet. After the last post that was a review of the year I thought I would do one about my plans for this year. My main aim is to take the photography to the level where it will provide a full time income, a big step in these trying times, but I have all the relevant skills and have quite a large portfolio of images built up over the last 2 years. The first step along the way is my first solo exhibition which is in the planning stage and is set to open on the 20th of February, more on that once the details are confirmed. The next aim is to get fitter than I am and hopefully lose some weight in the process; I even went to a Pilate’s class on Saturday and yes I was the only man there! Swimming is the other new activity I am trying to master; I

New year review

Well that was a longer lay off than I expected, but due to all the fantastic snow I’ve been out and about taking loads of photos in fact more photos in the last 6 weeks than were taken in the previous 3 months! All this work has meant less time to blog and as the Leek blog is a daily one this blog has had to pay the price. Still I’ve found a few minutes so I thought it was time I did a little post. First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, I hope this year brings you all you want. Second, I have just read a few of my favourite blogs and notice that some of them have done a review of the year so here is mine. Great, up to the point when my shoulder and back went (around April time). Mixed during the time I was off work, lots of free time but unable to do much with it. Even more mixed once I was back at work in September, fully fit but with no time to do anything! My biggest fear during the year was that our wonderful dog Kep would not make it to the end of the year as we had a couple of hea