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Adventures in scooter land

Well after the Scooter show i thought i would have a play with some of the images. The first set starts with the standard photo, then the HDR and finishes with the scooter cut out. This second set are in the same order with a twist at the bottom, now i like this last images but would welcome some feed back as this type of image and subject matter are both really new to me. ---------------- Now playing: The English Beat - Twist & Crawl via FoxyTunes


A very quick post to go along with the pictures i'm posting this week on the Leek blog of SCOOTER-FEST. SCOOTER-FEST is organised by The Jesters Scooter Club and is the clubs 6th annual festival for Scooters and all thing related to the scene that turns the town centre in to a riot of colour and noise with 100's of Scooters from all over the country. For me it was the chance to take loads of pictures and as i had loads to show i thought i would put some on here as well. ---------------- Now playing: The Jam - The Eton Rifles via FoxyTunes

Wild camping in the Lake District.

Holiday time again, although I’m not complaining. I have just got back from a fantastic week in the Lake District and to celebrate I have decided to post 3 photo’s and a video (I’ve not done the video, but I wish I had!). To start with this was the first week we have had in the Lakes since completing all the Wainwrights, so we had a whole week with no hills we must climb, but a selection of our favourite hills that we wanted to repeat. The first route that we tackled was the Newlands horseshoe, we started at around 11am on Sunday in Keswick and took the boat to the foot of Catbells, from there it was a low level walk to the foot of Robinson and then up into the hills. After 3 tops we came down to Dalehead tarn at around 5pm where we set up our first ever wild camp! The Sunday evening was wonderful, very still, with not a soul about. Two views of our camp site at Dalehead tarn. Monday morning all had changed; we woke to low cloud and snow, such a treat. After getting the tents away we c

Green shoots

The exhibition is up and running thank you all for your good wishes i really appreciated them, for those of you that can not make it to Leek I’ve put the images on a slideshow, just to the right of this post. A while ago I had a feature on here called blog of the week, where I tried to highlight great blogs I had found, but with my lack of blogging time I found it very hard to read the old blogs let alone find new ones, so I have to leave finding great blogs up to others. Well here is a blog I found by way of Aka Polergirl , its called Green shoots and like most of the better blogs is written by a woman (probably because they have more time on their hands). The blog records the writer’s journey from where she is to where she wants to be, sharing not only her personal feelings but also any practical help she has picked up along the way in the form of links to web sites or reviews of good books. Having been a Blogger for some years I known how hard it is to post and post for those first

Exhibition opens today!

Well the exhibition opens today, and I’m a little nervous. All the images are up and now its time to see what people think of them! The images are a mix of old and new shots, the old ones I now people like, but the new ones are the ones I’m most keen to here comment’s about and the ones I’m most concerned about. Today’s picture will be on the Leek blog next week but it is also one of the shots I’ve used to advertise the exhibition, I hope you like it. The exhibition is on display in the Coffee Clique, Getliffe’s yard from the 1st of May to the 31st of May. ---------------- Now playing: Queen - Queen - Dont Stop Me Now via FoxyTunes