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Sound and vision

There is a famous scene in the film The Commitments, the hero of the film is lying in the bath day dreaming about being interview regarding the success of his band. How many people out there have do something similar, I known I have, so last Thursday the dream became a reality when I was interviewed by our local radio station . I had sent out a press realise about the Leek Daily photo exhibition and was expecting nothing more than a quick mention on their “what on” feature, so imagine my surprise (and horror) when they contacted me and asked if I would pop in for an interview on their morning show! I have to admit I was very nervous, I had never been in a radio station before, let alone on air, so sitting in the waiting room listening to the show was like a form of torture. Once in the studio I was immediately put at ease by Mervyn Gamage and Simon Edwards the 2 DJ’s and after a quick chat while a couple of records played, I was on air!!! Rather than give you a blow by blow account of

2 years old tomorrow!

Tomorrow is this blogs second birthday! I really can not believe that I have done this for 2 years. It all started as a whim on my 41st birthday, I wanted to mark the passing of the year and thought that a blog showing a picture a day would be dead easy, it turn out to be one of the hardest things I had ever done. Looking back after 2 years i can see some really big changes in me and my photography. I’ve been taking pictures for around 20 years and up to the start of the blogs had less than 100 good images, in the last 2 years I’ve published on the blogs around 890 images and indirectly through an increase in my photographic work could add another 250 images to that figure, over ten times the images in nearly a tenth of the time! I’ve written over 100,000 words, not a bad feat for someone who in the first few months of this blog discovered he was dyslexic. Some of the post even got recognised as writing in their own right, instead of just filler to go with the pictures. Over all the bl

The Red Shoes and Waterfalls

Sorry I’ve been rather busy lately and have not had time to post on here as well as the Leek photo blog and organise the exhibition. I’m just grabbing time between swimming, shopping and framing photo to read a number of blogs (yes I do read them, but don’t have the time to comment). It’s a busy time for me; on Sunday it’s my birthday and the following Saturday see the opening of my first exhibition and just a month after that its Caz’s 40th. So lot’s to do and very little time to do it in. The opening day of the exhibition now has the added attraction of a band! This started out as a low key event for me to test the idea and now I have a band playing at the opening, how thing seem to get out of hand all of a sudden amazes me. The band, made up of 3 local girl who call themselves The Red Shoes, are playing a number of times through out the day starting at 11am, it is a great thrill to have them joining in the fun and makes what is already a special day for me even better. Back to work

Leek daily photo 1st annual photo exhibition.

I've finally got my act together and organised my first solo photographic exhibition, it is due to start on the 20th February and will run for a month. The venue is The coffee Clique, Getliffe's Yard in Leek, the exhibition is free of charge, but I'm sure you can be tempted to buy a coffee and cake as you look at the photos. All the images are from this blog, there is likely to be around 30 framed photos in all (the short list at the moment stands at 70 so a bit of editing still needs to be done) and all will be for sale. As this blog has a world wide following i will also put the images on a slide show to start on line on the same day, just so you don't feel left out. The reason for the show is that on the 14th February this blog is a year old and i wanted to celebrate the occasion in a fitting way. This is a copy of today's post from my Leek daily photo blog, so i really have to do it now! The short list was so large i ask Caz to help, which a one point increased