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500th post!

“41 today and to mark the occasion I have started this blog. The idea is to post a picture a day up to my 42nd birthday. For me this is quite a commitment. I hope this will stimulate my photography and keep me off the streets.” So started this blog around 2 ½ years ago and now here I am writing the 500th post. I started the blog to mark an important year for me, a way of making the year stand out in my memory, it turned in to a life changing event, something I never envisaged when I started it. To understand what happened you need to known a bit about the old Brett pre the blog. I was always a photographer, from the moment I picked up my first camera I was hooked, it just took a few years to realise it and to learn to use my skills properly. Going to night school to do a photography course tipped the balance and set me on the road I’m on now, since then I have always thought of my self as a photographer. Other than the photography my life was pretty normal, I was (and still am) very h

Up north

Just got back from a weeks camping in wonderful Northumberland and am trying to catch up on loads of out standing work, but thought i would post this as a starter to wet your appetite. This is the Angel of the North and was just off our road up and was well worth a visit. ---------------- Now playing: Alisha's Attic - Air & Angels via FoxyTunes


My first topless photo shoot and i'm the one topless (think i that that wrong somewhere). The shot is for my improved web site, brett , and is one of the reasons i've not been here much lately. I've had loads of work to do and the computer has been playing up, but i will try and visit some of you and maybe even post a few more post. ---------------- Now playing: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army via FoxyTunes