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Ziggy gets bigger

Ziggy on a walk along the canal shot with my new 10mm-20mm zoom, Ziggy is getting bigger each day.

Royal Wootton Bassett

Great news in dark days, just the thing to make you feel proud to be British, Wootton Bassett is honoured by the Queen for the service they have done for the country, read more here Picture is a view of Keswick and Derwent water

Lakeland view

The view from High crag looking toward Great Gable and Green Gable in the Lake District. This is one of my favourite walking areas with so many high mountains and lots of different routes to chose from. We have been in this area in the summer and not seen a thing due to low cloud, so to get a view like this in January was great. ---------------- Now playing: Guns 'n' Roses - Stairway to Heaven (Live) via FoxyTunes

Cornish pasties and Colonel Gadaffi

Not had a rant for a while but here is one for you. First of all it has to be the big news story of the day, that day being the 23/02. The "Cornish pasty" has been given protected status by European lawmakers, called a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).It means that pasties made anywhere other than Cornwall can no longer be called "Cornish". It gives the meat and potato snack the same standing as champagne, parmesan cheese and Jersey Royal potatoes. Now this in its self is great and I think it makes sense, but in the same news article pasty makers in Devon say it's " a black day ". Funny but I had heard that same term applied to the day only a few hours earlier by Mayor Bob Parker of Christchurch , describing the devastation and loss of life his city had suffered. I think that some people need to get a bit of perspective in their lives, it's only a pasty. Another news item that got me worked up is the calls for a no fly zone over Libya. The