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Net working

In an attempt to build up my profile I have been logging on to loads of sites that advertise your services for free (a very important point)and find that the closer I come to being a full time photographer, the less time I have to take pictures! I hope that this trend will change once the business is set up fully, as I quite like taking pictures. I have also signed up to Linked in, so if your on there drop by and link up. Having spent so long on the web looking at other peoples sites and how they market themselves, my own site now looks in need of a rework, just when I thought it was nearly done. Photo today is from our run up to York, taken somewhere between here and York, very early in the morning. ---------------- Now playing: Howard Jones - Hide and Seek via FoxyTunes

Big day!

So we have a royal wedding to look forward to, great news, I known a wedding photographer that not yet booked for that day (hint, hint. Although that might be just too much pressure. But the big news is that it is Kep's 14th birthday today, I was going to post a photo of him but the computer is playing up, as I type the system is trying to recover 500gig from my back up drive that just vanished this morning (its only got all my back up photos and all my music on!) Picture is from the weekend in York and is of York Minster.


With a new business looming on the horizon, my free time seems to have vanished, thank goodness for Caz she organised a weekend away in York, giving me two great days with her sightseeing and photographing. York has to be one of this countries best cities, compact, friendly and full of history. Here is one of it's more inquisitive inhabitants found in a local park just feet from the city wall. ---------------- Now playing: Dido - I'm No Angel via FoxyTunes

The Journey starts here.

Making the step to being a full time photographer is a daunting one, I known I can do the photography bit (that's easy), it's all the other stuff that I'm trying to get my head around. Tax!!! Time management? Being my own boss (how can I skive off work when I will always known where I am? or worst how can I hide my mistake when I'm always watching!) Any self employ people out there with any tips on the above, or anything i have missed, I would love to hear them. Picture today is of the Cat and Fiddle, the highest pub in England and the starting point for one of Carolyn and mines favourite walks. --------------- Now playing: The Verve - Lucky Man via FoxyTunes