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I'm crap!

I’m crap, I have great difficulty in organising my time, I’m messy, I forget to do things and I get easily distracted. For example, I had an e mail from one of Caz’s friends, I was really touched and determined to reply, that was 6 months ago and I’m still determined to reply! The desks I’m sat at is a mess, it’s covered with notes, photos, computer bits and camera equipment, I have about 3 inches to move the mouse in ( I’ve not seen my electronic pen and tablet in months). I have loads of up grades I have to do on the web site and cannot get the time to finish them off, even though most of the work has been done. Too top it all I am just about to start building a new computer, the whole process should take only a couple of hours to do, but then getting all the programs on and everything working as I want could take days and during that time I will be without a computer, at least I won’t get distracted. On a more positive note I’ve finished, all bar a little polish, the wedding album,

Top photo

A top photo of Kidsty pike, the ridge behind is our route up from the last post, this was taken at the end of that day as we started our journey down. Computers aren’t they just the best fun, especially when all your work depends on them and at the most crucial moment they decide to develop a phobia about switching on, as mine has started to do. It can take up to 10 tries before it finally comes to life and after googling the symptoms it appears that something major is wrong, which I had already guessed, the solution, build a new one. Now the computer I’m using at the moment was one I built over 4 years ago and up to the passed few days has never been that much of a pain, so I’m not too concerned about building another one, a part from the cost, but a lot has changed in the intervening years and so I have had to re educate myself on the latest technology and kit. This re-education is a real pain as much of what is written is based on the fact that you already known what all the long wo

Honi trap

Well as I said in the last post I’m back after a week in the Lake District, a week that gave us some very mixed weather and some very great walks. Since we both completed the Wainwrights last year I was worried that the motivation to drag my self up these mountains would wane, far from it, now that we are walking just for fun I find that it has opened up a whole new world and last Fridays walk was a great example of that. We started at Haweswater Reservoir and headed up Riggindale Ridge, the picture was taken at the top of the Ridge looking back along our route up, we then headed to our first top of the day High Street which at 828 meters is the highest top in that area. From this lofty vantage point we could reach 7 other fell tops with very little effort, which we proceeded to do over the next 5 hours, it was great fun bimbling along at high level with nothing to do but have fun. As we had already done all these tops and were familiar with the whole area, there was none of the worrie

Back again

Just got back from a fantastic week in the Lake district and have just enough time to post one of the pictures i took. Ulleswater in the early evening.

Mr & Mrs Jones

Wedding photography, the one aspect of photography where normally prudent people fork out huge sums of money to someone they have only just met, to record their big day. On paper it seems like easy work, people dressed in their finest and all out to enjoy themselves, but on the other hand this is someone’s big day, it may have been years in the planning, would you really want all that responsibility. Last year I decided I did, I took the plunge and started to photograph weddings and 2 weeks ago tackled my biggest challenge yet, along with all the normal pressure this wedding had an added factor. The story starts over 20 years ago, I was 20 and had just been dumped by my girl friend and been replaced in her affections by my best friend of 15 years. Added to this the new couple had been welcomed with open arms by all my friends, leaving me broken hearted and with no one to turn to. After a number of lonely drunken nights at home I was rescued by my younger brother and adopted by his clos