Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peace and quiet

The hardest part for me about taking photos is finding the time, given unlimited time I could do wonders, but even in the most wonderful places I still find I’m rushing to get the shot and move on to the next one, sometimes missing out on the thing I’m there for, a bit of peace and quiet.

This photo was one of those rare times when I had time to admire the view and take in the atmosphere of the place and what atmosphere it had. The place is Wast Water in the English Lake District, recently voted the sight of Britain favourite view, and it is an unworldly place of towering mountains and deep water. Even on a dull day the mix of mountains and water give you the opportunity to take moody shots and on this day it was so still the loudest noise was the sound of water lapping on the shore.

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Babooshka said...

I could do with this at the moment. A slice of quiet time and serenity.

the eternal worrier said...

One of my ‘must do’s’ is to climb Helvellyn Via Striding edge. And that view makes me want to visit the lakes all the more.

Suburbia said...

Gosh that's beautiful. I could do with some of that peace in my soul at the moment. No wonder you took time there, how could you not?

Anonymous said...

That so reminds me of my holiday house on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Gorgeous!

Princess Pointful said...

It is funny how water can convey that serenity more than anything.

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