Monday, March 30, 2009


Peace and quiet, that’s what this picture means to me. I known that it won’t be the first thing that spring to mind with most people, but for me it’s a reminder of the day I took it.
For years we have been going to the Lake District but in all that time I have never walked on my own up there. Then midway though the holiday the chance came along, all the other wanted to go site seeing and I got the chance to go it alone. My target for the day was to photograph some of the jets that use the valleys as training runs, I had already got a spot in mind and after only ¼ hour after leaving the car was sat all alone over looking Thirlmere. The view was stunning, the day was sunny and warm, I had my camera, coffee, chocolate and a good book, and for around 3 hours nothing at all to do but sit back and enjoy myself. I cannot start to describe the sense of peace that sitting up there gave me, for a short time all the day to day things just melted away.
Towards the end of my time up there the first aircraft went by, a Lynx’s helicopter followed a little later by this one a Typhoon. This was a special moment foe me as I had yet to see one of these flying and to have it below me and so close was fantastic.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great photo

Suburbia said...

Your song choice title tells me that you could do with being there again!

Anonymous said...

That feeling of peace in the middle of nature is one of the best feelings in the world.

Suburbia said...

Sorry you needed cheering up

Daisy said...

Incredible photo Brett! I can't believe it was below you- you must have been on top of the world!

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