Monday, March 16, 2009

The windmill

Of all the holidays that I’ve had over the years, 2 stand out head and shoulders above the rest. One was the most expensive holiday I’d ever had, the other one of the cheapest, but both were on boats. The most expensive was a Nile cruse and for me one of the best 2 weeks of my life, if you are in any doubt give it a go.
The other holiday was 4 days on a boat on the Norfolk broads, which was a cheap deal out of a national news paper and well worth every penny. We were sharing the boat with 2 friends and had little clue about what we were doing. The boat owner gave us a quick run through in sailing the cruiser and a little line drawn map of the broads, then sent us on our way. Sailing in a straight line was easy but parking for the first time proved more difficult as we had no breaks and I came into the bank with enough force to bounce us back into the middle of the stream. With the help of more experienced sailors we eventual parked, or moored as we started to say after being afloat for 3 hours and headed to the nearest pub.
That was the over riding theme of the next 4 days, using the boat to get from one country pub to another always planning the final stop of the day so we could easily walk to a pub for supper and a few pints. This picture was taken one morning when we had moored the boat to a pub sign the night before and I had to walk just a few feet to take this shot.

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Suburbia said...

Was it the alcohol that improved your parking skills?! Nice pic (even under the 'influence'! :)

Sandi McBride said...

Ah, tilting at windmills again? Lovely photo...

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous. What a lovely sounding way to travel, parking/mooring be darned.

Martin Rye said...

Norfolk broads, good choice Brett. Great photo as always.

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