Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The internet is a great place, lots to see and do, wonderful people to meet and a great place to do your own thing. I read lots of blogs and over the years have had a share in many different moments, from walking with Penguins to fusion belly dancing, from rainy commutes in Paris to Sunday markets in paradise. I never imagined that my pictures would be seen around the world and that my blog would form a small part of people daily routine, yes the internet is great, but it can have its dark side.

Now I’m not a great “keeper in touch” type of person, I leave that to Caz, it is not that I don’t care; it is just that I forget to make the effort. Take today, one of my oldest friends has gone into hospital and I really meant to contact him before hand to wish him luck, but just never got round to it. Having said that I do use sites like Facebook to try to touch base with people, even if it’s just to say hello once a year and its on Facebook the dark side of the internet entered my home yesterday, I got dumped. Now before all you girls start emailing me it was not by Caz, we are still very much together, it was by someone I thought was a good friend even though we did not communicate all that often.

How did I get dumped you ask, well this person deleted me from her friend list in Facebook, no ambiguity there then, but it does leave a bad taste in your mouth. It also makes you wonder what you have done, I have people listed as friend on Facebook that are just people from work, I don’t interact with them and their being on there does not inconvenience me in any way, so to delete someone is a very deliberate act, if only she had had the courage to do it to my face, I could have found out why. My thoughts on friendship are that you don’t have to be there holding their hand all the time, but just be there if asked, this person was one I thought very highly of, she was great fun and a great example in how to get on when life tries to stop you.

Picture today is another view from the week in the lakes; it is taken from Black crag over looking Ullswater.

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Lisa B said...

Maybe you should ask the person concerned? Could it be a technical glitch somewhere? Otherwise I'd say don't take it personally :0).

Daisy said...

That's really hurtful, I know just what you mean. It's happened to me too- and sometimes it's because the person has left facebook, and sometimes I think just because people are deciding to rethink their facebook strategy- downsizing their friend list to only include their very closest friends. Either way it's hurtful, especially if you still consider her a friend. Hope your day gets better!

Anonymous said...

Love that photo...

What I sometimes have on social sites is that it gets overwhelming to have everyone as your friend and receiving their updates and sometimes I delete people I'm not close to. Maybe you could ask that person about the reason why? It could clear up some things.

Suburbia said...

Both my nephews (husbands side) 'dumped' me recently from Facebook. It upset me so much I closed my account. Obviously they has their reasons, but it shocked me.

I hope your incident was done by your 'friend' unthinkingly, if not by accident.

Isunia said...

Facebook rocks the sock! I really like your attitude though "before you girls start emailing"...hahaha :)))

Joie said...

um, i have something for you to consider. i happened to be on the other end of a this exact situation a couple months ago. apparently, FB deleted just over a dozen of my contacts with out my knowledge. i had no idea until i got friend requests and messages from friends that i had on my friend list that got deleted. i contacted FB for some type of an answer, and well....i am still waiting. as far i can tell, it must've been a gliche as it has not happened since as far as i know. now, if you requested her as a friend again and she still hasn't responded...well to that, i don't know what to say.


It's probably just technical - I can't think of any other reasonable reason (if that makes sense!)
But a lovely photo more than makes up for it!

Scarlet xx

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